We are a Buffini Company Certified Coaching Brokerage

We are very excited to have the Buffini Company Certification!  Why is that such a great thing? Well, because we now have amazing tools to help our agents to succeed on a large level through coaching with Brian Buffini. Here is a quick blurb on who Brian Buffini is: Brian Buffini was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and immigrated to San Diego in the year 1986, where he struggled and bagged a place for himself as the country’s top realtors. He is the founder of Buffini and Company, which is based in California and has operations in over 37 countries. Brian Buffini is training and coaching and has coached over 25000 professionals across America.

This is experience and the tools that we have available now for our agents will change careers! This particular coaching program is for new agents but it has been proven useful as a refresher for seasoned agents as well! 

Our agents can now take advantage of the life changing coaching for FREE! If you are interested to find out how, then let’s chat!