Broker is always available via call, text, email and office meetings to answer agent questions in real time. Especially for new agents, we offer and recommend to have contracts checked by the Broker before submitting them.

Risk Management

Twin Cities Homes Realty provides the E&O policy at the brokerage level for our agents at no extra monthly cost.
We also fund a risk management account.
The annual fee is $325.
(subject to change based on E&O costs).


Twin Cities Homes Realty provides classroom and online learning modules to help you take your business to the next level. We have several online classes available, where you can gain knowledge at your own pace.

Website w/IDX

Twin Cities Homes Realty provides a website with IDX feed at no cost to the agent. Our agents are not required to use this website, but we are offering it to everyone


Twin Cities Homes Realty is providing a Customer Relationship Management software at no cost to the agent, however agents are not required to use our CRM. If they do, all their data stays theirs.


TCHR supplies the Agent access to Transaction Management Software at no cost. We do require this software for ease of document review, storage and compliance.


Twin Cities Homes Realty is a certified Brian Buffini coaching brokerage. We are running our Buffini Coaching Program "100 Days to Greatness " several times a year. Our agents have the great opportunity to get this for free.


Twin Cities Homes Realty has a brick and mortar location in Circle Pines with a meeting area where you may meet your clients. We encourages Agents to work where they are most comfortable. If you prefer to work virtual that is fine.

Exit Policy

In the event that you would like to leave TCHR, you may take your active listings and active buyers with no fee to your new brokerage if you choose to leave. Any deals that are in-contract will be paid out per your independent contractor agreement.

Hybrid Training Model:

  • 24/7 Access to Video Training Vault
  • 24/7 Access to National Coached Training Video Program
  • Weekly Live Webinars Uploaded for Repeat Engagement

We get asked all of the time… “What is your biggest recommendation for a new agent to become successful?” The answer is simple…structured training at the beginning of your career to get your small business off the ground. The reality is that successful agents have a passion for eating, breathing & sleeping real estate, and that starts at the very beginning of their career when building competence to develop confidence is a must. It is because of this that one of our primary focuses at Twin Cities Homes Realty is providing a proven, structured training program to all of our agents to give them the foundation to build their business from.

Just as important to an agent’s training is the constant support that is required to navigate through such a complex industry in order to keep their small business running smoothly. At Twin Cities Homes  Realty, you have a highly responsive broker, who is available when you need it most, even “after hours” and on the weekend. We are here to support you in whatever you want to do with your business, no matter where you are. We all have different visions for our businesses and we go through different phases in life. The single mom or dad might not want to put 60 hours a week into the business, the agent who has another full time job might be happy with doing some deals on the side. Yet another wants to hustle hard and grow fast. Each person and their vision of their business is welcome at Twin Cities Homes! 


If this is sounds like a place you would like to “hang your hat” schedule a call!